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Very accurate and interesting translations that help me expand the audience of my videos, easy to use!

Anna Coyne


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How to use our subtitle translator


Upload Your File

Choose from srt, vtt, or video/audio files such as mp3, wav, mp4, wav.. (paid features)


Select Your Language and Style

Pick from our extensive list of languages and Adapt the translation style to fit your content


Translate and Downdload

Hit the translate button and wait AI work, and then download your translated srt file for local editor

Enhance Your Viewing Experience

Explore how our Subtitle Translator bridges the gap between languages and cultures.

Global Accessibility

Make your content universally accessible, breaking language barriers in video content.

Film Enthusiasts

Enjoy foreign films in your own language without losing the original's essence.

Educational Content

Educators and students can access and understand educational videos from around the world.

YouTuber Video Creators

Expand your audience by providing subtitles for your videos in multiple languages.

E-commerce Product Descriptions

Reach international customers by translating product demo videos and descriptions.

Other Media Fields

From broadcasters to content creators, ensure your message is understood globally.

🔒 Usage Restrictions?

Our product offers various pricing plans tailored to different user needs:

Note: If your content is determined to be sensitive, the translation of the corresponding content will not be performed, the result will be displayed as empty, and the rest of the content will be performed normally.

  • Free Credits:

    • Supports translation of srt and vtt files, up to 120 subtitles per translation.
    • allows translating one file at a time, and does not save translation history.
  • Pay Credits:

    • Supports multiple file formats including mp3, wav, mp4, etc.
    • Maximum of 3000 subtitles for one translation, and allows batch translation of up to 5 files at once with a translation.
    • Translation history saved for 15 days.
  • File Restrictions:

    • Supported File List: .srt, .vtt, .mp3, .wav, .mkv, .mp4
    • Max Audio/Video Duration: 60 minutes
    • Max Upload Size: 1GB/video, 20MB/audio

(For audio you can upload more than 20MB and we will try to compress it, for video we will extract the audio from it and compress it!)

For detailed information and pricing for each plan, please visit our PricingPage.

💬 Why Choose Us?

Our subtitle translator goes beyond basic translation:

  • Contextual Accuracy: Understands and translates based on the context, not just words.
  • Style Customization: Matches the translation style to your specific content needs.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Handles complex translation tasks with ease, including full video and audio files.

🌐 Srt Subtitle Translator: Your Gateway to Global Content

Welcome to your next-level subtitling solution! Whether you're creating content, localizing a movie, introducing products to a global audience, watching a Korean drama, a Japanese documentary, or an Arabic lecture, our subtitle translator is designed to meet your diverse needs through advanced AI technology.

🎥 Translate Videos to English Subtitles For Free

Watch foreign movies and YouTube videos without missing a beat! Our tool doesn’t just translate; it ensures that every subtitle feels natural and correctly timed, all without costing you a dime for basic features!

🎥 SRT and VTT File Translation: Essential Tools for Content Creators

Our subtitle translator excels in converting SRT and VTT files into multiple languages, offering basic functionalities that are crucial for video creators and media professionals. Upload your files and let our AI handle the intricate details of language translation.

🔄 Auto Translate Subtitles: Effortless Understanding

Forget about the hassle of manual translations. Our advanced AI-driven technology offers auto translation for subtitles with an emphasis on accuracy and readability, making your viewing experience smooth and enjoyable.

📀 Advanced Features for Video and Audio File Translation

This premium service is designed for users who want to translate audio or video directly and get the translated srt file. There is no need for you to perform additional speech-to-text steps, everything is done by us.

📞 Get In Touch

Need help or have suggestions? Our friendly support team is just a click away. Connect with us anytime!

Simple & Affordable Pricing


No subscription and payment


Translation needs to wait

Only upport srt, vtt, txt file translation

Maximum number of subtitles translated at one time: 150

Translate one file at a time

No translation history saved


Monthly Subscription


200 credits

Fast translation without waiting for

Multiple file input formats: srt, vtt, mp3, wav, mp4

Maximum number of subtitles for one translation: 3000

Batch translation, 5 files can be input at one time

Translated files are saved for 15 days


Monthly Subscription


50 credits

Everything else is the same as Premium